Impact Moling in Byfleet and all Surrey and London Areas Including Guildford and Cobham


Impact moling is an innovative boring technique where modern pneumatic equipment displaces compacted soil below the ground as an alternative to traditional excavation. This allows contractors to undertake a wide range of services, including drainage works, pipework installations and water mains replacements, and to reinstate, without causing damage to the land above the proposed work area and inconvenience to the customer or client.

Elite Utility Solutions, located in Surbiton, is an impact moling specialist for all Surrey and London areas including Guildford, Byfleet and Cobham.

Pneumatic technology launches a soil displacement hammer (mole) from a minor excavation point to form a bore hole so that systems for providing a property with utilities draw in behind the mole or pull them back in when used in reverse. Impact moling is a cost-effective trenchless excavation service that is especially suited to the installation or replacement of water supplies.

It is also much quicker, and much cleaner, than manual excavation.

Why Choose Impact Moling?

Impact moling is a modern technique so it is a generally faster, cheaper and much more effective way of installing underground utilities such as water pipes and cabling, although it has applications across many other projects.

Impact moling can bore holes for anything with a diameter less than 40mm.

How Much Does Impact Moling Cost?

Prices start at:

  • £60/metre + VAT (Soft Ground)
  • £80/metre + VAT (Hard Ground)
  • £90/metre + VAT (Tarmacadam)

How is Impact Moling Used?

If you are planning to build an outhouse, a garden room or an office and would like power and running water supplied, then moling is a great option.

What Can Be Moled?

  • Water Pipes
  • Gas Pipes
  • Electric Cables
  • Telecom Ducts
  • Data Cables
  • Electric Gates
  • Saniflo Systems

Additional Impact Moling Services

Other installations we can facilitate with impact moling include surface water drainage, soakaway installations, rainwater systems, ponds, irrigation systems, decorative gas fires, barbeques or even below-ground gas tanks.

Over the years, Elite Utility Solutions has installed gas tanks for big-named LPG companies and laid pipework across the UK for them too.

We are now assisting more customers and clients than ever before, on a full local and regional basis, by offering impact moling services in Guildford, Byfleet and Cobham, and to those in the wider London and Surrey areas. We are underground utility specialists with a reputation for doing things the right way and for putting your needs first. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

For impact moling services in Guildford, Byfleet, Cobham and the surrounding areas, call 07703 840691.